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Hey everyone! It's day 6 of my self-care challenge, the weekly challenge is almost done, but don't worry I will have another starting August 1st. Remember you can join in at any time! One of the things I want to talk about to today is not waiting until our friends/family can hangout in order to do something. Spending time with yourself can be just as fun!

If I waited for someone to do something fun with me, I would be waiting for a while, especially with my hectic schedule. I went to the ocean on my day off by myself, I didn't have anyone to go with me so I went it alone, and guess what? I still had a great time. We don't need others to join us to do the things we want to do. I used to think it was awkward to go to a restaurant and eat by myself, but the more I did it, the less awkward it got. I've made a list of things I want to do on my day off and I already know I'm going to have to do most of those things by myself because my friends and family and even my husband work during the week when I have days off. On that rare occasion that I have a weekend off I can catch up with them.

What are some things you want to do or go but you don't think you can because you have no one to go with? Make a list of places you want to go, it doesn't have to be places far away like going to Iceland, I'm talking about local things or places your willing to travel to by car for the day. It's good for us to spend time alone because we can get to know ourselves. It's important too to know that we can't rely on others to make us happy, we need to make ourselves happy. You might just find you love spending time with yourself and you'll find that you actually are pretty fun to be around!

That is my challenge for you today: Make a list of places/things you want to go and do. Now pick one and go do it alone! Let me know how it went! I would love to hear how your challenge is going!

Have a great day!

What are you doing for yourself today? Remember, you only need 10-15 minutes!


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