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Lisa Rousseau was born and raised in New Hampshire. She briefly lived in California until she was placed into foster care in 1992. She grew up with a loving foster family, they are still a family today.


Her Finding Solace Series includes two stories so far. Book 1 Goodbye and Book 2 Guiding Light. Her Finding Solace Series will be a three part series. These stories are inspired by true events, Lisa's life growing up in foster care and her complicated relationship with her biological family. Lisa shares her stories to help others share theirs. She shares her stories for those who have not told anyone, who went through it alone. She wants them to know it's okay to tell your story and it's also important because there are children, teenagers, women, men, who are being abused today who are scared to tell someone they are being abused. They may not have anyone to tell or they may think no one will believe them. By sharing your stories Lisa hopes that it helps someone to speak up and tell someone they trust that they are being abused and they need help. 

Lisa has also ventured into creating journals and planners. You can find them on Amazon. 

Lisa currently lives in Maine with her husband and has been working in retail for the last fourteen years. She enjoyed writing poetry when she was younger and wrote a few short stories. It was her love of writing that inspired her to write her story down and make it into a novel.


​When Lisa isn't writing she enjoys quilting and taking walks with her dog Riddick.

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