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I've been on vacation for the past six days and everyone keeps asking, "Doing anything fun on your vacation?" If organizing is fun for you, then yes. It was time to organize and de-clutter my life. I had so much stuff I didn't know what to do with so I did one room at a time.

Quilting Room: My husband and I started in my old quilting room. We have two rooms in our basement, one we used for my quilting room and the other is my husband's office. I didn't use my quilting room that often and it was a room that we could be using for something else, like a workout room... I brought all of my old childhood things upstairs and slowly went through it. It is SO hard for me to throw things away because everything has a memory attached with it, maybe it's because of the childhood I had but I just can't let things go. I kept a lot of things that my grandfather gave me or my mom. I have a lot of porcelain dolls that I'm not quite sure what I am going to do with but I'm keeping them because it's something that my mom and I did together when I was young. We would go to an auction and I would get to pick out a doll that I liked. I also have some collector items that my mom gave me every year for holidays. Boyd's bears, and a collection of rabbits and of course my favorite beanie babies. (Was told I could be a millionaire one day...)

I ended up with five trash bags full of stuff and we made a small pile of things for a future yard sale of items that we no longer needed or wanted but couldn't get rid of. My husband then painted with the color I picked, I've always wanted a turquoise room. I bought a cubby shelving unit and we put our equipment in the room and now we just have some finishing touches to do, (well my husband does...)

After re-doing the room we had made a mess in the basement so we needed to get that cleaned up as well, we still have some organizing to do in the basement but my husband plans on finishing it in the future and adding another room so that can wait...

Bathrooms: It doesn't take much for my bathroom to get cluttered. I clean out my linen closet and under my sink at least three times a year. Hair products and beauty products that I buy just start taking over the space until that day when I pull one item out and everything else comes with it. I grabbed a trash bag and got to work. It didn't take long for me to fill the bag. I had a lot of old product that I didn't use or the bottles that had maybe one more spray in them. I knew I needed to organize a different way so we went out and bought some storage bins for under the sink and to organize the drawers. I can't believe the difference that it made!

Closets: It's not often that I have to clean out my closets. I only had to organize one closet in our guest bedroom where we keep extra bedding, blankets and bulky sweatshirts. After a little bit of time the blankets just get thrown into a pile and over time it starts to look messy and I hate messy. We went out and bought a few storage vacuum bags. One came with a large tote so we could put the bags in it. We had two large comforters and a ton of blankets that we won't use until winter. I was very pleased with the space it saved. We had done our bedroom closets a while ago. I love these cubby shelves. We decided to put two in our bedroom, one for my husband and one for me. We use them for all the small things like socks, underwear, belts, shorts, pajamas... and it keeps our room clean and organized.

Office: Lastly I moved to my office, once I start organizing I literally can't stop. Yesterday I got a ton accomplished, and the only thing I have left to do is our medicine cabinet that we are most likely going to get rid of when we remodel our master bathroom, so I will save that for when we do. My office got cluttered from us bringing my quilting room stuff upstairs. Everything now has a home except for some wall décor (llamas...) that my husband will help me put up in my office. I have decided to do a llama wall. I also have a rock collection that I started when I was little and I am now thinking about doing a rock releasing and putting them on the rock wall that surrounds our property. Everything that is important to me is now in my office closet. I got in the habit of just placing things on the shelves instead of keeping it organized, so I put everything back into it's place and it looks like it should now.

And now our house is organized! One thing that I have learned is not to buy unnecessary items because one day they are just going to end up in a pile for a yard sale...


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