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Hey everyone! How are you doing so far with your self-care challenge?? What challenges are you finding if any? What are your success stories?

Yesterday for me was one of the best self-care days I've had in a very very long time.

In my blog Self-Care Challenge Day 4 I shared my day off. I went to the beach, it was exactly what I needed. I decided a week ago that I needed to treat my days off differently, do something I want to do and get outside more. Summer is almost over so I'm going to spend as much time at the beach as I can, while I can. I got up around 6:30, made my coffee and let Riddick out. I quickly showered, grabbed a yogurt smoothie from the fridge and was on my way out at 8:00am to head to the beach. I was worried that I wouldn't find a spot to park but to my surprise the parking lot only had a few cars. Years ago when my mom was going through chemotherapy we all took a day off during the week and went to Wells Beach and we had so much fun. I usually go to York but this time I decided to head to Wells.

The moment I got out of my car I could smell the ocean, the fresh air and I could feel my body relax a little bit. I paid the meter and headed to the beach. First thing I did was take my sandals off so I could feel the sand between my toes. I decided I would just take a long walk that day then head home, I wanted to spend time with Riddick as well. As I started walking in the sand my mind automatically starting thinking about work and what I needed to do the next day. I quickly shook the thought of work out of my head, today was my day, no work allowed. I listened to the waves crashing and the seagulls and I was able to focus my mind on the moment at hand. I walked for thirty minutes and as the sun came up it got more hot so I started walking in the water. The water wasn't too cold, my feet quickly got used to the sensation. I was automatically taken back to when I worked at the Boys and Girls Club. That feeling of being in the water, the water splashing your legs. I took a moment and stopped. The feeling of the water crashing into you and then going back at sea, it's like your moving and I remembered I loved this feeling.

I buried my feet into the wet sand and just stood, waiting for the waves to wash over me and then closed my eyes as the waves quickly reversed back to sea. It felt like I was going with it, but that feeling of being stuck too. It's one of the best sensations in the world for me. I remember the first time I came to live with my foster family when I was six. I had never seen the ocean or even snow. I had lived in California, yes they have oceans but I was never taken to one. My mom made it a point to take me to the ocean as soon as possible. I remember the first time going to the ocean and just being so amazed by it all. I became obsessed with being in the water, I don't think I had ever really swam up until that moment either.

I walked the beach for an hour an a half, around 10:30 the beach starting to fill up. Getting in my car and driving home I was almost on cloud 9, just so relaxed, recharged and refocused. I decided to stop in at my local dinner and grab a BLT, they have the best BLT and I had been craving it for awhile. My husband and I go all the time and they know us by his purple charger, so when I walked in the diner they asked where it was.

When I got home I decided I would finally try out the hammock I was given from my amazing cousin Jen. It was already set up in the yard, I was just waiting for some nice weather to use it. I set up a blanket for Riddick, got him so water and grabbed some of his toys and a water and book for me. It was so relaxing and the only sound I could hear was the birds chirping. I could have fallen asleep. It was exactly what Riddick needed as well.

If you have a day off I highly recommend getting out of the house, especially if it's a beautiful day out! In fact I don't just recommend it I challenge you to get out on your next day off!

Have a great day!

What are you doing for yourself today? Remember, you only need 10-15 minutes!


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