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Isn't it crazy when you hear that one song,( or many songs) that when it comes on it instantly takes you back in time? For me, it's The Proclaimers I"m Gonna Be (500 Miles).

That familiar beat starts and I am taken back to when I was seven, playing with my best friend Jasmine, who lived on the same street as me. We lived in a huge condominium, there were ten condos total, five on one side, five on the other, and they were all connected to each other, so no matter what condo you were in you heard your neighbors on either side of you. On the same street there were regular houses and Jasmine lived at the very first house on our street.

Jasmine had come to my house and wanted to know if I wanted to play outside, which I did, I always did. There were a lot of woods that surrounded the condominium and we were always playing in them, and most of the time getting poison ivy or poison oak. On this day we decided we wanted to play on the other side of our building where there were large rocks to play on. I brought my small karaoke machine and put in the Proclaimers cassette tape and we climbed up on top of our rock and listened to the song. As we listened Jasmine told me she was moving away soon and that we wouldn't be able to see each other anymore because she was moving far away.

Well, this upset me very much so I grabbed my small karaoke machine and ran, and I ran and ran (500 miles)- see what I did there? I ran until I got caught up in someone's metal fence. I cut my ankle and Jasmine came over to help me, wondering why I ran away in the first place. I eventually got over being mad at her and we spent our last day together running around the neighborhood climbing rocks and chasing each other until it was too dark to see one another, and then we both went back home, both sad knowing that tomorrow Jasmine would be leaving.

So now, every time I hear that song, I go back to that day with Jasmine, climbing trees and me running away and getting my ankle caught in the fence. Every time.

What's a song that takes you back??


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