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Today was your funeral.

Today was hard, unbearably hard.

Today I missed you more than I did yesterday.

Today all of your loved ones said goodbye.

Today was a celebration of your life.

Today tears were shed for you,

so many tears.

Today I tried to ge keep it together, I tried to stay strong.

Today we remembered the amazing person you were. We talked so much about your beautiful smile.

Today we remembered how you saved someone from drowning and didn’t even know.

Today we talked about all the lives you saved.

Today we remembered how silly and fun you were.

Today I miss you calling me Sister, I would give anything for more text that started off with ‘Hey Sis.’

Today I remembered how you were my baby and I remember just like I do everyday how much I love you. I remember how much you gave to others and maybe you were tired, you gave so much Tyler. You deserved so much more.

Today I wish I had called more. Today I think maybe just maybe I could have done more, should have done more.

Today I am angry, not at you, I’m angry at them. I’m angry at the circumstances.

Today I just want to hold you, I want to take your sorrows and make them mine.

Today I want to say I love you and I’m sorry. Today was hard but tomorrow might be a little easier. Tyler, just because life continues to go on does not mean I miss or love you any less. I miss you every day, every second. I miss you so much and I’m not sure when this pain will go away but I carry you with me my sweet baby brother. You are free.


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